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Article of the EPC




Rule of the EPC




Rules Relating to Fees




Part of the Collection



Accelerated processing

of appeals Art. 106

of oppositions where infringement Art. 99

Accelerated prosecution of European patent applications Art. 75

Acceleration of the proceedings Art. 97(6)

Access to the Online European Patent Register Art. 127

Additional copies of the patent specification Art. 93

Address for correspondence R. 78


Administrative Agreement

EPI/EPO Art. 134(8)

Administrative Agreement between the DPMA and the EPO concerning receipt of documents

Administrative Agreement between the DPMA and the EPO, Termination

Advance ordering of additional patent specifications Art. 93


EPO/BE Art. 154

EPO/WIPO Art. 150

Albania Art. 79

Amendment of the EPC, Notices thereto Art. 33

Appeal Boards, Rules of procedure Art. 23(4)

Appeal proceedings, accelerated processing Art. 106

Application numbering system R. 24(2)

Application of Article 65 EPC Art. 65

Associations, authorisation of R. 101(9)

Austria, Expiry of the reservations Art. 167

Authenticity of AC texts in the three languages Art. 33


EPO as receiving Office Art. 151

General R. 101

of associations R. 101(9)

Automatic debiting procedure RRF 5(2)


Batch debit order, particulars to be supplied RRF 5(2)

Belgian industrial and commercial property office Art. 154

Berlin, Filing Office Art. 10(2)

Boards of Appeal, Rules of procedure Art. 23(4)

Bosnia and Herzegovina Art. 79

Budapest Treaty

declaration by the EPO R. 28

deposit of micro-organisms R. 28

Recognition of microbiological experts R. 28

Budapest Treaty Part IV

Bulgaria Part V

Bulletin, European Patent Art. 129

Business methods - PCT search Art. 150


Cancellation of Legal advice notices Part VI

Code of Conduct Art. 134(8)

Community patent, choice of a Art. 142

Compensation and fees payable to witnesses and experts R. 74(4)

Computer program PatentIn R. 27a

Confirmation of receipt R. 24(4)

Consolidation of Euro-PCT applications Art. 153

Copies to be filed of the documents R. 35(2)

Copy of the international application Art. 158(2)


applicant without a representative R. 78

with the Legal Division Art. 20, R. 9(2)

Country codes Art. 129

Cover page of the patent specification R. 49

Croatia Art. 79

Czech Republic Part V


Database Part IV

Days on which EPO filing offices are closed R. 85(1)

Debiting of deposit accounts

automatic debiting procedure RRF 5(2)

for EPl annual subscriptions Art. 134(8)

Debt recovery procedure RRF 5(2)

Decisions of the EPO boards of appeal on the Internet Part IV

Delivery of mail, interruptions R. 85(2)

Deposit accounts RRF 5(2)

Deposits of micro-organisms R. 28

Designated Office (EPO), no copy required Art. 158(2)

Designated Office (PCT), procedural steps Art. 153

Designation of European patens in overseas states or territories Art. 79

Disciplinary Board of Appeal of the EPO Art. 134(8)

Disciplinary Committee of the EPI Art. 134(8)

Diskette, debiting deposit accounts RRF 5(2)

Divisional applications, priority documents R. 38(3)(4)


number of copies R. 35(2)

Drawings, filing of R. 32

Duties entrusted to formalities officers R. 9(3)


EASY for international applications R. 24(1)

EASY software R. 24(1), R. 36(5)

Electronic filing of patent applications R. 24(1)

Electronic publication

e-mail, correspondence with the Office R. 24(1)

Enlarged Board of Appeal, Rules of procedure Art. 23(4)

EPI (Institute of Professional Representatives) Art. 134(8)

epoline R. 24(1)

Estonia Part V

Euro, introduction of the euro RRF

Euro-PCT Art. 153, 154, 155, 158(2)

European Patent Bulletin Art. 129

European Patent Convention Part IV

European phase Art. 153

European Qualifying Examination Art. 134(8)

Exhibitions, international Art. 55(1)(b)

Expert option R. 28(4)

Experts and witnesses, fees R. 74(4)

Experts recognised, Budapest Treaty R. 28

Expiry of the reservations Art. 167

Extended European search report

Extension of European patents to Slovenia


Facsimile, filing of patent applications R. 24(1)

Fee for the supplementary European search


for international applications Art. 151

for the European qualifying examination Art. 134(8)

for witnesses or experts R. 74(4)

File Inspection online

File inspection, parts excluded R. 93(d)

Files, keeping of R. 95a(1)

Filing office

Berlin Art. 10(2)

not in Vienna Art. 75

Pschorrhφfe Art. 10(2)

Form 1200 Art. 153, 156

Form of European patent specifications R. 53

form of publication of European patent applications, European search reports and European patent specifications

Form of the certificate for a European patent R. 54


available from the EPO Part IV

new ones Part IV

software Part IV

updated PCT form Art. 155

Functions transferred to the Registrars of the Boards of Appeal Art. 23(4), R. 10(2)


General authorisations R. 101(3)




EPO R. 85(1)

national offices R. 85(3)

Hong Kong Art. 79

Hungary Part V


Impact of the European Patent Convention on national law Part V

Implementation of PCT Rule 48.3(b) Art. 154

Implementing the amendments Art. 33

Information on procedural steps (PCT) Art. 153, Art. 156

Infringement actions, accelerate the processing Art. 99


Inspection of files, parts excluded R. 93(d)

Institute of professional representatives Art. 134(8)

Instructions for qualifying examination Art. 134(8)

Integration of INPADOC Art. 7


application, copy not required Art. 158(2)

applications, payments of fees Art. 151

Preliminary Examination Report (PCT) Art. 150, Art. 155

Searching Authority (PCT) Art. 150, Art. 154

International Depositary Authorities Part IV

International patent treaties Part IV

International search report

by EPO Art. 157(3)

by national offices Art. 157(3)

Internet address Part IV

Interpretation in oral proceedings Art. 116

Interruption or dislocation in the delivery of mail R. 85(2)

Inventor, renouncement of notification R. 17(3)

Invigilators, instructions to re European qualifying examination Art. 134(8)

IPEA Art. 150, Art. 154, Art. 157

ISA Art. 150, Art. 154, Art. 157


Japanese Patent Office Art. 154, Art. 155, Art. 157(3)


Keeping of files R. 95a(1)


Lack of unity

Landmark decisions of the Boards of Appeal Art. 134(8)


authenticity of AC texts Art. 33

of correspondence under the PCT Art. 150(2)

Late payment fee Art. 150(2)

Late receipt of documents R. 84a

Latvia and Lithuania Art. 79


Liechtenstein Art. 149

London Agreemen Part IV


Macedonia Art. 79


interruption in the delivery R. 85(2)

Marking of papers of the qualifying examination Art. 134(8)

Microbiological experts R. 28


applications R. 28

deposit R. 28

My.epoline portal Part IV


National Law in Contracting States Part V

Notification to the inventor, renouncement R. 17(3)

Notification, public R. 80

Nucleotide and amino acid sequences R. 27a

Numbering system for patent applications R. 24(2)


Obligation to give notice in proceedings R. 2(1)

OCR-readable patent applications R. 35

Official Journal Part IV

Online European Patent Register Art. 127

Online fee payment via My.epoline RRF 5(2)


accelerated processing Art. 99

Opposition procedure Art. 99

Opposition proceedings, application of Rule 58(4) R. 58

Oral proceedings

receipt form for summonses R. 71

sound recording Art. 116

use of an alternative official language R. 2(1)

Ordering additional copies of the patent specification Art. 93

Overseas states Art. 79


PACE, accelerated processing of European patent applications Art. 75

Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property Part IV

Patent Cooperation Treaty Part IV

Patent family members R. 44

Patent Law Treaty (PLT) Part IV

Patent Treaty CH/LI Art. 149

PatentIn computer program R. 27a


fee for the international application Art. 151

of fees and costs at the Information Office in Munich RRF 5(2)

of renewal fees R. 37(1)

with Credit cards RRF 5(2)


Access to PCT files Art. 150

Authorisation Art. 151

General Art. 150ff

language of correspondence Art. 150(2)

PHOENIX electronic file system R. 95a(1)

Poland Part V

Polish Patent Office Art. 154, Art. 155

Postal addresses


Power of Attorney, see authorisations R. 101

Preliminary examination fee Art. 155

Preliminary Examining Authority under the PCT Art. 150

Priority conferring effect of the US provisional application Art. 87(1)

Priority documents

for divisional applications R. 38(3)(4)

for previous European applications R. 38(3)(4)


choice of expert option R. 28(4)


acceleration of Art. 97(6)

obligation to give notice R. 2(1)

Professional representatives

authorisations R. 101(1)

discipline for Art. 134(8)

Institute of Art. 134(8)

Proportion of renewal fees remitted to the EPO Art. 39

Prosecution of European patent applications, accelerated Art. 75

Protest procedure under the PCT

Pschorrhφfe, Munich Art. 10(2)

Public holidays

EPO R. 85(1)

Public notification R. 80


applications containing a sequence listing R. 49

in electronic form only R. 49

of official notices on the Internet Part IV

technical preparations R. 48

withdrawal has not yet become definitive R. 48

withdrawal to prevent R. 48

publication server

Purpose of payments, transmission by diskette RRF


Qualifying examination, regulation Art. 134(8)


Receipt, confirmation of R. 24(4)

Recognition of microbiological experts R. 28

Reducing the fee for the supplementary European search where the international search report was drawn up by the Austrian Patent Office, by the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland, by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office or by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office


of search fees RRF 10(2)

Refund of search fees, revised amounts

Register of European Patents

EPIDOS Art. 127

subscriptions online Art. 127

Registrars of the Boards of Appeal, functions entrusted to Art. 23(4), R. 10(2)

Regulation on the European Qualifying Examination Art. 134(8)

Renewal fees

instructions for paying R. 37(1)

Request for Grant form (Form 1001) Part IV

Request for the furnishing Part IV

Reservations by

Austria Art. 167

Greece and Spain Art. 167

Responsibilities of the Legal Division Art. 20, R. 9(2)

Romania Part V

Rrecording of certain information in the Register R. 92(2)

Rules of Procedure

Boards of Appeal Art. 23(4)

Disciplinary Bodies Art. 134(8)

Enlarged Board of Appeal (Art. 23(4)

Rules relating to Fees


Search fee

reduction Art. 155

Search report, Annex R. 44

Searches international type Art. 150(1)

Searching Authority under the PCT Art. 150

Sequence listings R. 27a, R. 49

Serbia and Montenegro Art. 79

server - for publication

Slovakia Part V

Slovenia Part V

Sound recording in oral proceedings Art. 116

Spain, reservations Art. 167


advanced ordering Art. 93

form R. 53

Summonses to oral proceedings, receipt form R. 71

Swiss Confederation Art. 149


Time limits under Art. 96(2) R. 84

Titles used by representatives Art. 134(2)

Transfer of functions to Registrars DG3 Art. 23(4), R. 10(2)

Transitional period Art. 163(1)

Two-letter country codes Art. 129


USPTO Art. 154, Art. 155, Art. 157(3)


Video conference Art. 116


not a filing office Art. 75

sub-office Art. 7

Vienna Convention Part IV


Web site on the Internet Part IV

WIPO agreement with EPO Art. 150

Withdrawal of the application to prevent publication R. 48

Witnesses or experts, fees R. 74(4)

World Trade Organization (WTO) Part IV