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Ancillary Regulations    


This is the 2006 edition of the "Ancillary Regulations to the European Patent Convention", a collection of the most important texts relating to the European patent grant procedure in general, as compiled by the EPO's Directorate-General 3. It comprises in particular:

decisions by the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation

decisions by the President of the EPO

rules of procedure of the Boards of Appeal and of the Enlarged Board of Appeal of the EPO

information from the European Patent Office

agreements between the EPO and national offices or WIPO

notices about important forms

legal advice from the EPO

regulations governing professional representation before the EPO and the European qualifying examination.

The collection contains texts published in the EPO's Official Journal between 1978 and issue 1 of 2006. Following several requests an additional overview of all regulations arranged by publication date in the Official Journal of the EPO has been included, to assist location of the regulations. Some texts which are no more relevant have been omitted.

The individual regulations are arranged by the articles or rules to which they relate. A keyword index is provided to enable the reader to search for particular terms.

The collection is a handy, up-to-date work of reference for the most important key legal texts used in the implementation of the European Patent Convention.

Peter Messerli
EPO Vice-President,
Directorate-General 3 (Appeals)

Compiled and Edited by: Legal Research Service for the DG3

Data transfer and formating: Eva Schumacher