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Training for the EQE

Training in European patent law

Many national bodies (universities, institutes, professional associations) run courses in European patent law.

The Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Industrielle (CEIPI) and the epi jointly organise basic training in European patent law in a number of European cities. This training course provides a broad grounding and is geared to those who deal with matters relating to European patent law, as well as those who plan to sit the examination. The training course is attended alongside normal professional activity.

For information about these training opportunities, it is best to contact the bodies concerned directly. See helpdesk and other addresses.

Specific preparation for the EQE

Theoretical and practical training should be supplemented by intensive preparation for the EQE. The epi and CEIPI are active in this field too. They assist future candidates by annually organising a special preparatory course for the EQE in the form of a tutorial or seminar.

Candidates can also prepare by referring to the papers set in previous examinations, the Compendium.