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Frequently asked questions

How do I get the Compendium?
A paper version can be ordered from the European Patent Office in Vienna
Rennweg 12
Postfach 90
A-1031 Vienna
fax +43-1-52126 3591
An electronic version is available via the Internet.
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Where do I find details of the EPO's bank accounts?
At the back of each OJ. Alternatively, go to the EPO homepage and click on Search engines and index (third item on right), then Index and under B you will find a list of Bank and giro accounts.
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Where do I find the EQE enrolment form?
From the EPO homepage, click on Official communication (second item on left), then Official Journal on-line and go to issue 3 of the year 2006.
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When re-enrolling, do I have to file my diplomas and certificates again?
No, all documents filed stay in your personal file.
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If enrolling for the second time, what do I have to pay?
The fees for the EQE (see Article 19(1) REE: Schedule of fees and costs of the EPO (effective as from 3 January 2002), p. 7, point 12.1):

The basic fee is EUR 425.
50 % of the basic fee for one or two examination papers (212.50 EUR)
75 % of the basic fee for three examination papers (318.75 EUR)
100 % of the basic fee for all four examination papers (first time sitting the examination in full, 425 EUR)
150 % of the basic fee for all four examination papers (second time sitting the examination in full, 637.50 EUR)
200 % of the basic fee for all four examination papers (as from the third time sitting the examination in full, 850 EUR)
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When sitting the second module, can I also retake a first-module paper I failed?
No, you have to take the second module (Papers C and D) before you can resit any failed Paper A or B. You may however sit all four papers, in which case your earlier Paper A and B results are overwritten.
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Where do I find the list of references to landmark decisions?
In the third OJ issue for the year preceding the EQE (hard copy or Internet).
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Up to when can I withdraw from the EQE and still get a refund?
Until 20 October 2006. No refunds will be made for a withdrawal after that date. The refund is the fee you have paid, minus 25% of the basic fee.
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If I withdraw after that date, can I get a refund if I file a medical certificate?
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When are the results published?
The results are normally available on the Internet a few days after the Examination Board meeting, at the earliest beginning of October. Each candidate is given a personal ID code and number enabling him to find out his results. The result letters are sent out to candidates later.
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How can I tell if my qualification is on List A or List B?
These lists are for internal use only, and whilst comprehensive are not exhaustive. In order to facilitate the validation of your diploma, you must provide all necessary documentation, e.g. translations if applicable.
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