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Status of accession and ratification

Under Article 8 of the Revision Act, the EPC 2000 shall enter into force

  • two years after the fifteenth Contracting States has deposited its instrument of ratification or accession, or
  • on the first day of the third month following the deposit of the instrument of ratification or accession by the Contracting State taking this step as the last of all Contracting States, if this takes place earlier.

On 13.12.2005, Greece became the fifteenth state to deposit its instrument of ratification. The EPC 2000 will therefore enter into force on 13.12.2007 at the latest.

According to Article 172(4) EPC, a Contracting State that has not ratified or acceded to the EPC 2000 at the time of its entry into force shall cease to be party to the EPC as from that time.

Status of accession and ratification - online

EPC Contracting State Instrument of Deposited on
Austria ratification 06.06.2006
Bulgaria accession 30.04.2002
Czech Republic accession 30.04.2002
Estonia accession 30.04.2002
Finland accession 23.12.2005
Greece ratification 13.12.2005
Hungary accession 28.10.2002
Iceland accession 31.08.2004
Latvia accession 5.04.2005
Lithuania accession 3.09.2004
Monaco ratification 12.11.2003
Poland accession 30.12.2003
Romania accession 12.12.2002
Slovak Republic accession 17.04.2002
Slovenia accession 18.09.2002
Spain ratification 12.08.2003
Switzerland ratification 12.06.2006
United Kingdom ratification 26.05.2005 


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